Home at Last!

Errands in morning.
Return books for money back and re-sale.  Line long at bookstore.

Math for Elementary Teachers Final Exam
Pencil in hand and writing from 2:05pm to 4:15pm.
Did not finish last problem cuz Time called.
Brain Fried.

Fetched Husband home from his 14 hour day at work.

About to make popcorn and sit down to watch Mark Harmon on NCIS and Peter Hugh Laurie on House.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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One Response to Home at Last!

  1. momma says:

    Another ‘House’fan. It is one of our favorites also but the star’s name is Hugh Laurie. That is the curse of the older generations that we remember Peter Lorre also. But the important thing is that we know who you mean.

    It is hard to believe we are eleven days away from Christmas. The Christmas Eve menu is set with the Honeybaked ham ordered and the side dishes being decided. Hope your plans are on track and the preparations are fun and rewarding.