Writing somewhere else

Dear Ones,
My ten page paper is still at only 8 pages.  Not made any kinder by someone in the church kitchen telling me that when he is assigned 10, he usually manages to spill it over to 12 or 15.  Even with all the writing I do here and to my non-‘Net buddies, I couldn’t do 10 pages about any one subject at all.  I just don’t have such a strong opinion, and I am not an evangelist.

The weekend did have one bright spot.  I went to the Craft Fair at the high school and got a couple nice Christmas ornaments and a sweatshirt with bird houses appliqued on the front.

Sunday afternoon, though, a Memorial Service.  I rather liked the nice lady, thought of her as one of the pillars of the church.  She would have her birthday today, but didn’t quite make it that last week to hit age 92.

I can’t tell if my body is having symptoms of menopause or anxiety attacks, but the Composition Paper needs to get done before I collapse altogether.
Husband says Grown-ups cope with class assignments and life circumstances all heaped into one week.

We shall see.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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2 Responses to Writing somewhere else

  1. momma says:

    Husband is right. Don’t think about the 12 or 15 pages man the operative words are ‘usually manages’.

    One thing I’ve learned is don’t judge your abilities by how many people have turned their paper in ahead of you in a test because you don’t know how many right answers that paper contains!

  2. Karen says:

    Tell Hubby….TOO MUCH “week” makes one “weak”.

    Men and women have different bodies and different metabolisms. Also, when an instructor says 10 pages…they DO NOT WANT to read 12 or 15 pages.

    Take care of yourself…..Karen