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Reading a little something

This is the most fun I’ve had reading in weeks. The book arrived, as ordered online, through the mail, and I managed to bring it from the mailbox to the back steps. Then Chris got his bicycle from the garage … Continue reading

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Some Pretty Things

I am so p-o’d.  I had this wonderful post almost ready, with the picture coded in and everything, and Windoze decides to do some sort of Updating. With about a minute’s warning, all tabs that I had Open just closed … Continue reading

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Round and backwards

Brenda’s answer about the cows and chickens is correct.  I’ll be posting the answers soon. Meanwhile, I am still doing documentation for that lesson, figuring 4 Math problems for homework, writing a 2 pager about guitar history for MA class, … Continue reading

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Math problems

In a comment for the previous post, Anne asked some valid questions. “I got lost between the math lesson and the recital of the apple cake recipe.  What happened to the child’s lessons? How does your math grade hang in … Continue reading

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Grade, Math Lesson, Apples, and a Tuba

For a Monday, this was a good one. It began with Music Appreciation class.  He passed back papers and mine had a grade of an A and a note saying I had done a thorough job of background research for … Continue reading

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