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Money going out

Did a couple errands…..took a few re-cycling items to the drop bins (just a couple crates full) in the car.  Got gas in the car 10.66 gallons @ $2.53 a gallon. Went to the Mexican store for the best white … Continue reading

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A Temp Job

Oy, where did the weekend go?  Here it is Sunday evening already.  I have the iron warming up so I can get DoF’s work shirts and a couple other pieces of clothing done. I was the church janitor for a … Continue reading

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Stuff Portrait Day

Today is Stuff Portrait day over at Kristine’s Random and Odd.  She wants us to get out of the house and take a tour of the neighborhood. First, we have the way we get there. Usually, I am in the … Continue reading

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Old TV Shows

Last night was a show on TV about unforgettable moments in TV history.  Several shows I remember were mentioned.  DALLAS with “Who shot J. R.?”  St. ELSEWHERE when the good Dr. Westphall dropped his pants and told his supervisor to … Continue reading

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Fall Schedule

The deadline has been Beat.  By Two days, no less.  I sat and stared at schedules and classroom numbers until the screen was a blur.  There was a bit of confusion because I am not exactly clear for what’s on … Continue reading

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Green Labyrinth

DoF mowed the yard and left a labyrinth. So pretty and green. I would love to see the expression of the neighbor who is a realtor and likes for our house to have ‘curb appeal’…. ~~love and Huggs, Diane Update:  … Continue reading

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Our little Friend

Husband and I went out for Saturday breakfast.  Oscar was waiting for us as we rode our bicycles up the walk.

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Sitting Walking Movie

The phone rang and a recorded message came on to remind us that “Someone in your household has an appointment at … Clinic on Friday the 5th of August at 8:30 am”. That would be DoF for some More tests.  … Continue reading

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Holding my Future up

A good bit of the morning was used up looking at the community college schedule.  First, the paper booklet that came in the mail, then at the online list which is much more detailed about the class expectations and Instructor … Continue reading

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Algebra Final Grade

e-mail notice: Intermediate Algebra 096 Your final exam is 138 out of 175 Your course grade is 82.8%  B Prof B Did you hear my shout-out!  WooHoo!

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