Gonna miss her

This is copied from Comics.com

On September 1st “For Better or For Worse” will be discontinued due to the fact that the creator has not renewed her contract with Comics.com. As of September 1st the strip will no longer be available on Comics.com and e-mail delivery of the strip will stop. We hope you will continue to enjoy Comics.com and our other popular strips like “Peanuts”, “Dilbert”, “Luann” and “Get Fuzzy” as well as new titles like “Brevity”.

It would be nice if Lynn Johnston would find someone else to do the drawing, and she carries on with the plot lines.  The best reading ever to be on the comics pages.


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3 Responses to Gonna miss her

  1. Pookie65 says:

    Tell me it isn’t so. I’ve loved this comic since the beginning. It has dealt with everything from the death of pets and relatives, marriage, child birth, aging, homosexuality, courtship…. and done so tastefully. I am sick over this. What will replace it?

    BTW — I followed your link from Gran’s On Bran. Nice site. I’ll check you out again soon.

  2. Nanina says:

    That is really sad . . . it is the only comic that I read. 🙁

  3. Army of Mom says:

    Just a heads up. I emailed the official website for Lynn Johnston and got this response:

    Lynn will continue FBorFW until September of 2007 when her contract is up. But stay tuned to see what the future holds for the Patterson’s beyond

    Just FYI.