Next Oscar Nominee

Perhaps an Academy Award is in my future.
How should I behave towards the former boss, the one who fired me, the person who said I should write up my side of the story, did not even read it and tossed it on the desk, then shoved some papers in front of me and said I had to be “let go”??!! 
I was Fired, for crying out loud.  98% shock, 2% history.
For the rest of the summer 2004, I sat around my living room watching old videos from the cabinet and crocheting for charity causes in three states.
‘Withdrawn’ is how my therapist described it.

Husband and I happened to be shopping at SAM’s Club, I was wearing one of my old t-shirts from the daycare even.  Hey, it’s quite comfy and all cotton. 
I hear a voice say “Hi, Diane….”  I turned toward it, and saw Her husband first.

Well, like I said, actress duty kicked in.  I smiled graciously and asked about the kiddies.  The husbands both look Very Awkward during this little chitchat, and neither one of the guys said anything.

As the couples walked on past the frozen foods in opposite directions, I realized that I have moved on.  I have found myself in college full time, making new friends, learning how to cope with studying, starting over.

All this doesn’t erase the sense of loss, that my self-confidence was taken from me.  More than a year to re-build, yet I know I am on my way.
Maybe a chance meeting in the grocery store was to my benefit after all.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to Next Oscar Nominee

  1. momma says:

    Indeed it was! It has become her loss and your gain. You are working now towards a better life rather than standing still!

  2. Maria says:

    Good for you and indeed you have moved on. Didn’t you have even the slightest desire to flick a favorite finger in the direction of her receding backside.?

  3. I don’t know about MrsDoF but fortunately I did not recognize the woman. Only afterward did she tell me that it was the #@!&!! (w)itch who fired her.

    I have been known to say rather uncivil things given enough provocation. Firing my spouse without sufficient cause, even over a year ago… Well, I lack MrsDoF’s restraint in such matters.

  4. MrsDoF says:

    Actually, it was with a touch of nostalgia that I proceeded down the walkway.
    I actually liked the woman, we read the same types of books, her children are adorable and smart. I once tried to give her crochet lessons, but she didn’t seem to have the patience.
    We might have been friends except for the work hierarchy situation.
    As for my Mister’s attitude, this is why I didn’t make an elaborate introduction, nor try to bring up old events. Thank you, Love.