Hustle in my Bustle

Weary and bleary-eyed is me.  The prof promised that 8 pages of a final Algebra exam would take about two hours, BUT if we needed more time to just keep working.  That’s what 5 of us had to do.  Two hours and 48 minutes my butt was in a chair and I was clicking calculator keys and writing equations. 
The teacher did not even get a potty break.  The next classful of students came in, and one of those guys was done before I was.  His calculator sounded like a machine gun. 
I got all the blanks filled in, and the answers seemed reasonable.  All I need is a C to pass.  Crossing my itchy fingers.

After my own much-needed trip to the rest room, as I left the building, such a wonderful sense of freedom.  Fall Semester doesn’t start until August 18.  That’s like 3 weeks.

I drove out to the mall because Husband needs new undies.  I noticed this while doing laundry, his whities are looking kinda tattered.  The only place to buy the kind he likes is at SEARS, which is very close to the Food Court.  Having sold back my Speech textbook for a whole 10% of its purchase price, I thought I might treat myself to some eats.  $6 did not even cover lunch of a Philly steak sandwich and fries and drink.

The chirrup at SEARS tells me “we no longer carry Munsingwear briefs”.  The few on Clearance were the wrong size.  Will have to go shopping on the Internet, darn the shipping.  I know the Vermont Country Store carries them…kinda pricey.

There was a Blood Drive going on in one of the wings at the Mall.  I decided I might as well have them stop sending the notice postcards for a couple months, so I signed in, read all the literature, answered the questions, got my iron tested.  They had to get a second drop of blood from my finger and spin it in the centrifuge.  Every time.  And my iron is always a point over where it needs to be. 
This is the best situation I know of to be able to say that my life is so boring.  I haven’t traveled, I don’t use drugs, same sexy partner for 25 years.
I got a sticker, a bracelet, and a T-shirt while having free cookies and juice in the canteen.  That’s a nice payment plan.

Rented the dvd LOSER to be home with this evening.  Moved a bit slow in places, but it has a sweet ending. Having Dan Akroyd as the dad almost guarantees that’s gonna happen.  He’s such a teddy bear of a guy.  Reminds me of DoF in some ways.

So my weblog this evening reads like a day-planner.  Some of the comparison wording I learned in Speech class might come in handy about now, but I sold back my book and I don’t remember where I left my notes, and I’m really tired because I gave away a unit of vital fluid today.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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7 Responses to Hustle in my Bustle

  1. momma says:

    Free At Last–at least until Aug. 18th. You will be fine.

  2. Nanina says:

    Freedom for three weeks, enjoy it! I use to give blood before my heart attack. It is so important, it can save a life. 🙂

  3. Tempe Berestoff says:

    Congratulations on the final. I used to give blood. I have B positive so if someone needed it here in Kodiak, there was a telephone list of people to go in. I got called many times over the years. Not anymore. I’m making potholders for our quilt show in October. I usually make about 20 to sell. I’m up to about 14.
    Love to read your stories.

  4. caroline says:

    Sounds like a great day! You took time out of your busy schedule to actually save a life! It’s gotta make you feel good.

  5. Sharkey says:

    Hooray for freedom! I don’t think you can get that feeling of true freedom anywhere else but school. Real life doesn’t work that way–there’s always a pile of laundry to do and work to catch up on after a vacation.

  6. airea says:

    I like reading about peoples days. At least your was interesting! I saw the movie loser a long time ago. If you like that movie try the notebook, its so romantic.

  7. MrsDoF says:

    The NOTEBOOK was all taken at the video store. I read the book when it came out in hardback ages ago. My big fear is that the movie is too different from the book, the way MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE got changed too much. Same author.