That Dang Dishwasher, Again!

The phone rang at 7:10am to tell me that the dishwasher repairman will not be coming today as promised!  EErrggh!

The machine has been not working for much of a month.  The control panel has been replaced Twice, another part once. 
I’ll get one, maybe two loads run, then it won’t drain or turn off.  It keeps sloshing and sloshing until I go down and turn off the breaker switch.  Let me tell you, the load I left running overnight sure came out Clean!
I’m thinking, because of the warrantee, that if there is one more service call, the machine gets replaced.  Maybe that’s why the cancellation.

My leg veins and itchy hands are tired of doing dishes in the sink, but will be doing so for another whole week.

If we can’t get the Best Buy warrantee to provide a replacement machine, Husband says we’ll have to pull out the Sears Card and get a new dishwasher ourselves.  With 3 of us doing college tuition and books, appliance payments won’t be easy. 
I hope Best Buy lives up to its name.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to That Dang Dishwasher, Again!

  1. Tee says:

    Good luck with the dishwasher – atleast that is one of the cheaper appliances.

  2. Cindy says:

    Good luck with the dishwasher! I know it can be frustrating with repairmen and waranties!

    Maybe repair centers should opt for ‘Courtesy Dishwashers’to come help out when the appliances are down – much like courtesy shuttles or rented cars help out if the car is in the shop.

    It would be nice though, eh? 🙂

  3. MrsDoF says:

    Oh, Cindy, a Courtesy Dishwasher sounds so divine!

  4. momma says:

    I hope you have the names of who you contacted and dates so they can’t claim you waited too long and now the warantee has run out. Good luck on saving those hands for other things!