Drained at Dinnertime

I’ve been home about a half hour and have finally stopped fidgeting.
Today, June 28, is three weeks into my summer classes.

At Noon, in Intermediate Algebra class, there was a 3 chapter test, with use of a graphing calculator.
It went as close to alright as I could make it, considering the first time I even turned on the calculator was one week and three trips to the Tutor Center ago.  Most of the problems dealt with a hot air balloon, its time aloft, how many feet altitude, when would it land. 
All to do with slope and points on a graph.  I filled in every blank, with what seemed like a reasonable answer.  Even when I label each axis of the graph, I still get the x and y points mixed up. They look good on the line, but which one is time and which is about how high in the air?  At least I was not the last one to leave, there were still two working when I opened the door to exit.

At 2pm, in Oral Communications, there was a 5-7 minute Speech with Visual Aid.  I chose Crochet, its history, its importance in industry, who is famous and has it as a hobby (Vanna White), and contests with monetary rewards. 
The visual aid was a poster board with different sizes of squares crocheted with various hooks and weights of yarn tacked to it, and an edging from an old pillowcase that had outlasted the fabric. 
Even though I had contests mentioned in my outline, and the word CONTESTS on my poster board, and I had a card in my hand with contests underlined, I totally forgot to mention them.  When I got to the Conclusion, it seemed a bit short, and all because I had forgotten the contents of a whole notecard and to point to the visual aid.
When I sat down, the girl beside me said I was very interesting, that I had looked up at the audience often enough.  The guy behind me liked the squares and how I explained their differences.
At the potty/smoke break, I asked the Instructor about points off for not even mentioning what was obvious on my poster, but she said to let it go, be done, the grade is set now and that if my average needs to be raised, just make sure the next Speech is better.  She’s good with the “don’t sweat it” ideas.

So, I got home just drained.  To find a note from DoF saying he was going to a certain store, and when he comes back, we should get away from the house and go out for some din-din.

Sounds like a great Plan to me.  It’s been many hours since my bowl of Cheerios with a banana sliced in.
Tomorrow is hump day for the week.  And an anniversary of sorts.  One year ago, on the next to last day of June, I was Fired from my job as a daycare teacher.  There was no way to say, back then, that in a year a graphing calculator and crochet squares would be so important.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update:  9:30pm same day
For supper, Husband and I went just up the street to DENNY’s, where I ordered my usual fish and fries and cole slaw and he had some kind of turkey and bacon club sandwich. 
For the last few days, he has been cleaning the outer walls of the house in preparation for a much-needed paint job.  Both of us are tired as it gets.
Right now, I have my spoon in a dish of butter pecan ice cream, while waiting for the laundry in the washer to get done so I can transfer it to the dryer and then off to bed.

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6 Responses to Drained at Dinnertime

  1. caroline says:

    Sounds like a busy day.
    Any day that i don’t have to cook is a great day!
    Keep up the hard work…i wish i could crochet, i have never learned and i think i would actually like it if i could actually make something.

  2. MrsDoF says:

    Hi, Caroline! I’d say right now, with your kids the ages they are, and a full time job outside the house, well, you, yourself, are kinda busy!
    That was part of what my speech was about, the who and why of crochet.
    Our community college has a class for Beginners which meets just for fun, once each week x 3. Several years ago, I went to one at the Parks and Rec dept. I’d bet your town has something like it!
    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

  3. Momma says:

    Diane you make me tired just reading about your day.
    Keep rested as much as possible. Also make sure Dof is preparing those walls safely because that is how Wes got his lead poisoning!

  4. Tee says:

    Ugh! So much school stuff! I don’t envy you. I’m tired just reading that.

    Denny’s is yummy. I LOVE eating out. It’s the best – esp after a day like you had!

    I was fired from a job last year too. It was so humiliating and I still am not completely over it. What a blow to the self esteem. {HUG}

  5. Cindy says:

    You’re doing great with all that you’re doing. I, too, am exhausted from just reading all about your activities and experiences. Algebra (or any math really) always intimidated me. I know it all seems overwhelming at times. I know college is a pain, but it will be worth it in the end. I’m trying to believe that myself right now – I just reapplied to the local university to hopefully complete my degree. I’m apprehensive about it.

    Take care and get some rest from your long week!

  6. Maria says:

    Take care so that you don’t burn out. You are doing so well, but overdoing can unravel it all. It doesn’t hurt once in a while to indulge in a little self-consoling butter pecan ice-cream in fact I could use some myself right now.
    I hope you get some rest over the Fourth of July holiday.