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Almost done

The chair at the coffee shop got three hours of my warm bottom this afternoon.  I studied Algebra and wrote up my note cards with the formulas and equations from each chapter.  This evening there is more studying to do, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Drink

Right out of high school, when I was in LPN training, one of the hospitals where we did our Clinical studies, there was Red Rose tea in the cafeteria.  I fell in love with the stuff, and always got hot … Continue reading

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Stuff Portrait Day

This is participation in the Stuff Portrait Day, but I’m not sure who started it.  During my weblog perusals, there seems to be too much in the way of hair care products, and I am not about to worry about … Continue reading

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Hope springs eternal

This afternoon whilst I was cruising weblogs, I came upon Kristine’s Place where she has the bright idea to post pictures of the stuff all about the house. Someone asked her for the view which can be seen from the … Continue reading

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Ramblings, not graded

This morning I paid the Tuition for the summer courses, Intermediate Algebra and Speech.   Then just for fun, I added on a Community Education class which meets only 3 times on Monday evenings.  Crochet for Christmas in July, working … Continue reading

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All energy is gone

Today is the day the Composition Portfolio was due.  I didn’t even have the Revision of Paper 3 back, the Instructor forgot to leave it in her office box.  I took the 3-hole punch tool with me to class so … Continue reading

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Missing you…

For much of the day, I have been putting together my Portfolio for the Composition class.  Even with stuff in reserved in folders with date and assignment labels, this has been a tedious task.  Having a printer which likes to … Continue reading

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My Day so Far….

Dear Ones, Today is Husband’s birthday.  He doesn’t want to make a big deal of it, and it does come just a day after Mother’s Day and I didn’t want a big deal, so we are going to balance out.  … Continue reading

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Co-workers, be nice to them

This morning, Husband and I had the pleasure of the company of a friend during breakfast.  We agree that the pancakes are quite tasty at the Garden of Paradise. Plus, she picked up the tab! She told an amusing story … Continue reading

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Report of Grade

Dear Ones, The chapter 7 test in Algebra came back with a 40 / 100. Two missed were because I went too far—I put the real answer over the other number and made it into a fraction.  Three were because … Continue reading

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