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Sadness this morning

When I got home from class this morning, I found this message waiting regarding the church ducks….. “We are grieving here.  All the eggs are gone from the nest.  Not a scrap of shell or anything!  So sad!!!!” Jane,  Associate … Continue reading

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A Surprise in the Middle

This morning, I woke up more than 20 minutes before the alarm went off, mostly because there was a rainstorm happening outside and the new basement window covers are in place and sound like drums when water is pounding on … Continue reading

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Different ducklings!

This morning there was a meeting at church which was quite interesting.  Stereotypes, and how do we feel about it?  I must admit I had to come in late because I was at my Algebra class, but we ended on … Continue reading

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Make way for Ducklings

So I’m reading the local newspaper, which is a great thing to be doing next to the open window on a lovely Sunday afternoon.  I read all the comics, and most of the PARADE magazine, and the Focus section where … Continue reading

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Best Friends at Momma’s Corner

There’s a copy of an essay about Best Friends over at Momma’s Corner Scoot over there and have a good read…..

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Go over there to Chookooloonks

What a busy day!  Two classes first thing this morning.  I got back the Revision of Paper 2, with a grade of a B+.  Once the Instructor finally made some decent comments and said what she wanted, I can shovel … Continue reading

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Five Things to do before I’m Old

Wandering around some weblogs, I came across a list of what the guy called “Post Possibles”, which looked like it might be a way to get the mind going for things to write in an online journal. Some were quite … Continue reading

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Three sons in puffin shirts

When I was going through the boxes of pictures a couple weeks ago, some photos brought up some real nice memories.  I remember that this was a picture sent out as reprints in Christmas cards.  The back of this one … Continue reading

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Busy critters

I left off just as I was going to Women’s Retreat. While I was waiting for my ride, I stood in the doorway, looking out through the screen at the pouring rain.  Just as it was slacking off a bit, … Continue reading

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Gettin’ outta town—-!

Well, Folks, I am off to the Spring Retreat for the central Illinois Mennonite Women.  We will be at Camp Menno Haven  in the middle of farm country, when it is springtime on the prairie. Husband and youngest son have … Continue reading

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